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May 30, 2013
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Favorite Pastime 4 by willylliw Favorite Pastime 4 by willylliw
Page 4 of my trade with Domafox.


Doma looked down at Kyle’s outie for a moment wondering what he should do, he never played with a bellybutton before. He figured he would try what Kyle did to his before. He poked his index finger around the soft fleshy outie knot. Kyle immediately became aroused by the feeling.

Kyle: Awww! YEAH! Right there!

Doma smiled and continued to flick the little outie knot. He then dug his finger between the knot and the navel rim. Doma couldn’t see the inside too well, but he could feel that it was warm and musty inside. He could also feel clumps of lint deep inside. Kyle was enjoying every moment of it. Doma then took his finger out and leaned his head over the outie. He stuck out his tongue and slowly licked the knot. Kyle yelled in delight which made Doma jump.

Kyle: Don’t stop pal! More! More!

Doma went back and licked again and again. Kyle had his tongue hanging out and panting. Doma could feel the buck’s temperature rise with every lick. Outside the outie didn’t have much of a taste to Doma, so he decided to lick the inside. Kyle did say before that it tasted delicious. Doma pinched the outie and moved it aside so his tongue could get inside. Once there was room, he stuck his tongue inside and licked around. There was indeed flavor inside… it was salty and bitter. Doma cringed and moved his head back up.

Kyle: What the matter?

Doma didn’t want to say anything, but figured it would be better to tell the truth.

Doma: It tastes bitter! Do they always taste like that?

Kyle: (Laughs) No! No! Sorry about that! If I know you were going to lick it, I would’ve cleaned it out for you. I haven’t cleaned it in a few days.
Doma: (Smiles) Well, next time be sure to clean it so I can lick it again.

The words ‘next time’ and ‘again’ made Kyle happy.

Doma: It still had an interesting taste.
Kyle: It’s your first time. You’ll get use to the taste after a while like me. But don’t stop, do more to it!

Doma smiled and thought of what to do next. He too was enjoying himself. He reached over and punched the little outie.

Doma: Is this as far as it comes out?
Kyle: I’m not sure. Let’s find out!

Doma pinched down on the outie as hard as he could grip it and began tugging on it. Kyle threw himself back and yelped with delight. Doma pulled it out even more. Even when the outie wouldn’t come out any further, he continued to tug on it hard. Kyle lied there moaning loud.

Doma: Does that hurt?
Kyle: Yes and no! I’m not crazy about pain, but a little pain in my bellybutton feels wonderful! I love bellybutton torture!

Doma was seeing a complete different side of Kyle he never seen before. But this bellybutton thing was all new to him. He got an idea.

Doma: Since you like pain in your bellybutton, what do you think of this?

Doma knelt his head down toward the outie again. With his sharp fox teeth he gripped the outie and began to tug again. Kyle yelped as the pain shot from his bellybutton throughout his body like the lightning outside. Doma kept tugging but still being careful not hurt his friend too bad. He could see Kyle smiling and feel him tense up. Finally Doma let go and let Kyle catch his breath. His outie was now red with teeth marks in it.

Doma: (Concern) I hope I didn’t hurt you too bad.
Kyle: (Panting) Are you kidding? That felt GREAT! I’ve stuck needles in it before. I also dripped hot wax on it, sucked it out with syringes, and fingered it until it was numb.

Doma thought that sounded awkward but he was glad his friend was fine with what he did. But he still didn’t like the redness on his outie. He went over to the hotel table and got an ice cube that they got earlier when they had pizza and soda. He then placed it on Kyle outie to bring down the swelling. The feeling of the cold ice on his outie was new to Kyle. He immediately became frozen in place with a big smile on his face. He almost looked dead. But Doma knew it was because Kyle was enjoying it. He waited until the ice melted itself, which wasn’t long because of Kyle’s warm body temperature and sweat. Kyle began to get his mind back together… but not for long.

Doma: Oh look Kyle, that one ice cube left all that water on your belly. Let me get that!

Doma began licking up the water on Kyle’s rock-hard abs and around his outie. Kyle again went completely limp. Doma licked and slurped up all the water, and even got the courage to lick inside the buck’s outie again. He licked the bitter flavor of his bellybutton but it didn’t bother him this time. It tasted almost sweet. Once done, he licked his lips. He looked over at Kyle who was still motionless with pleasure and delight.

Doma: Kyle, are you still awake?

Kyle just looked at him and smiled as if he was saying ‘More!’ Just then in the corner of his eye, Doma noticed something under the bed. He reached over and took it out, it was a large feather. Probably from a coat or a feathered guest that was missed by the hotel housekeepers. But it was still clean and in good condition. Doma looked at it for a moment then looked over at Kyle. They both had the same idea. Doma held it over Kyle’s outie and slowly lowered it to tease the buck. Kyle had his tongue out and panting like a dog. Doma then brushed it over his outie. Kyle again threw himself back with delight of the soft brush over his sensitive outie. His reaction made Doma go in for the attack. He began to viciously tickle the buck’s bellybutton and abs with the feather. Kyle tried to hold in his laughter but did not succeed. He roared with laughter. Doma laughed along and continued to tickle his bellybutton. With his other free hand, he reached over and began tickling Kyle’s chest, side, and armpit. Kyle was yelling with laughter and kicking around. The two did not once think that they could probably be disturbing the other hotel guest. Luckily no one called to complain.

They were having so much fun… and all with their bellybuttons.

To Be Continued…

Part 4 of 5

Doma & Art: :icondomafox:
Kyle & Story: EJ Lee (Me) :iconwillylliw:
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bahner Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014
I love Kyle's Bizeps, round and strapping !
willylliw Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Kyle likes to keep them built at all times. ;)
universal85 Featured By Owner May 16, 2014
Those guys have nice sexy bodies.
willylliw Featured By Owner May 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Kyle is a personal trainer and Doma works out with him. ;)
MDTartist83 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013
Hah hah! Cute! And funny two!
willylliw Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know this is different, but it is very arousing in my world. :D Bellybuttons are awesome!
MDTartist83 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013
Hey, that's perfectly understandable!
willylliw Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
We all have different interest. :)
MDTartist83 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013
True, true.
Dawn-Of-DarkSouls Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013  Student Artist
who needs a playstation or a xbox to have fun when you have a belly button to entertain with
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